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Top 3 european cities to visit in 2019

Top 3 european cities to visit in 2019

The hardest thing about traveling to Europe is actually deciding where to go, because there are so many amazing cities to visit in Europe, whether you're looking for sightseeing tours around the cities, trips to the nature there, a cultural or gastronomic trip or just some relax on the beach, you will always have a wide range of options. So we came up with a list of the best European cities you should visit now!


An urban fairy tale city at affordable prices! All in Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, with storied churches, narrow streets, daunting hilltop castle, picturesque green river linked by stone statue-lined bridges, but also with many buildings of modern architecture, shopping centres and hipster neighbourhoods. A city where you can find cheap beer, delicious food, a lot of cultural experiences, affordable accommodation, and a really good nightlife! That is Prague and to see it, check out Prague tours!


This city laying among the seven steep hills, often overlooked for its popular European cousins, is becoming more and more famous for its amazing food, cute neighbourhoods, and cheap prices! So we recommend going sooner rather than later. Join one of our Lisbon tours to wander around the narrow streets and feel the simple charm with maritime magic of a vintage-era Southern European capital. Enjoy some coastal views, historic architecture, traditional pastéis de nata and the delicious wine. 


And again the Iberian peninsula. Packed with great food, lively nightlife, art, architecture, and an impressive sightseeing. This city by the sea has it all. A breathtaking colorful and playful architecture, beautiful beaches, medieval buildings, streets and alleys packed with boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs and markets with the freshest seafood and fruit, quiet parks and even hills with some spectacular views and beautiful nature. To see all of this, check out our Barcelona tours.

Explore the cities with the best tours!

And what is the best way to explore it all? With commentary by someone who really knows everything you want to know about the city, with really useful skip the line tickets and transport of your choice. Check out our wide range of tours and choose the right one for you!