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Things to do in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona

Believe us, it's easy to fall for Barcelona, because this city has it all. From the mountains to the sun-soaked beaches, from the historic to the contemporary and from the traditional to the most modern. All that with mediterranean hospitality and tapas. So what to do and see in the Catalan capital?

Marvel at Sagrada Familia

Temple of Antoni Gaudín and an icon of Barcelona. Soon the tallest religious building in Europe, with combination of Gothic and Art Nouveau styles in unprecedented ways. Its extraordinary interior gives the illusion of being in a forest, with soaring columns blossoming with leaves and branches, and stained glass windows filtering light in a myriad of different hues. You can also learn more about it on our Sagrada Familia tours.

Shop and snack at La Boquería

This huge public market is located in the middle of La Rambla and it is one of the city’s most famous tourist landmarks. Mercats here are not only for buying groceries anymore, they are also cool dining spots, where you can taste region’s finest cheeses, fruit, charcuterie, seafood, and produce.

Hang out in Park Güell

Definitely one of the most impressive public parks in the world, also designed by Antonio Gaudí, with many colorful and playful designs, including his iconic mosaic tiles. Join one of our Park  Güell tours to see and understand his inspiration in nature. Columns like tree trunks, arches like cave openings, and fountains are guarded by giant lizards and many more.

Have some Tapas in The Gothic Quarter

Wander around neighborhood’s arcaded, labyrinthine streets empty onto medieval squares and sit down to taste some of the barcelona`s best traditional meals, but in small portions, so you can taste everything, and of cours with some good local wine.

The best Barcelona tours

Barcelona has so many things to offer! Choose from our wide range of Barcelona tours, see it all and learn more about them in the best and fun way!