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Places to visit in Barcelona in January

Places to visit in Barcelona in January

January is the coldest month of the year in Barcelona, but thanks to its location, Barcelona has very mild winters. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Mediterranean Sea and the temperature in Barcelona in January averages 16 ºC. The big advantage of visiting Barcelona in January is that you avoid large crowds and you can enjoy Barcelona to its fullest. So what you shouldn’t miss?


Gaudi’s Greats

Barcelona, the city in which Antonio Gaudí, spent most of his life in, boasts the largest concentration of Gaudi's works in the world. The works are unique, mostly a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you won't definitely find anything like this anywhere else. See The Casa Batlló also known as the House of Bones filled with colour, curved lines and mosaics created from pieces of broken tiles. Then the epic and famous Sagrada Familia, one of the most spectacular churches in the world, soon the tallest in Europe, with combination of Gothic and Art Nouveau styles. Also one of the most impressive public parks in the world - Park Güell, with many colourful and playful designs. And many more like Casa Milà (Pedrera mansion), Casa Vicens and Palau Güell. And if you don't want to miss anything, choose from our wide range of Park Güell tours, Sagrada Familia tours or in general, Barcelona tours.


Events and Festivals

Three Kings Parade (5th January)

A huge parade, organised around the streets of Barcelona, starting at Port Vell, where The Three Kings sail to Barcelona with presents for children. The parade sets off from the Ciutadella Park around 6pm, filled with colourful parade floats from which the Three Kings throw sweets to the crowds.

January sales (form 7th January)

January sales don’t start until the 7th. But then you can get a sale on everything. Especially clothes. From the big chain stores at Portal de l’Angel to the tiny shop in a local neighbourhood.

Sant Antoni Neighbourhood Festival

Sant Antoni is the patron saint of animals, so around 17th January, people of Sant Antoni neighbourhood’s bring their pets to the parade to be blessed. Some of them even dress up for the special occasion. You can also find here human towers, giant parades, concerts, a lottery with a very special prize (three pigs) and many more.


When it's really cold

If it's really cold, you will find plenty of other activities that are inside. For example the Aquarium Barcelona, the biggest collection of Mediterranean aquatic life in the world, that houses around 450 different species of animals, ranging from tiny colourful sea horses to giant menacing sharks. And also with a lots of activities and interactive spaces (not only!) for kids. Also, there are many interesting museums in Barcelona, including The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, housed inside a former palace, that features some of the best art exhibitions in the city,  from Romanesque church paintings to modern art.


But if you want to see it all and many more, choose from our Barcelona tours and enjoy the city as much as possible.