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Best places to watch sunset in Barcelona

Best places to watch sunset in Barcelona

Barcelona is a magical city and that’s especially true at sunset. When dusk transforms the sky to a palette of warm colours, the city gets more and more incredible. But you won't be able to see it from anywhere, so where you should go to see this breathtaking show?


A hill, which is easy to get to, with a relatively flat top overlooking the harbour, to the southwest of the city centre. Get here a few hours before nightfall and spend some time exploring the area, full of many interesting places like the beautiful gardens, castle, 1992 Olympic Stadium, excellent museums and the dazzling Montjuïc Magic Fountain (that would be best with one of our Montjuic tours, so you won’t miss anything), and then enjoy the breathtaking the sunset.


Park Güell

An unfinished project of the visionary architect Antoni Gaudí, that is also on Lists of World Heritage sites by UNESCO, and definitely a must-see in Barcelona. Get there before the sunset and marvel at the incredible tileworks surrounded by alley lined with trees and bushes. Walk through this storybook place and then head to the top of the hill and enjoy the beautiful evening light falling over Barcelona. To get the best of your visit we recommend to get a Park Güell tour.


A 512 metres tall hill with the monumental Sagrat Cor church and Tibidabo Amusement Park. Tibidabo is one of the most unique places in the whole city and from here, you will definitely get the best sunset view.

Sunset Cruise

Another way to really enjoy the sunset in Barcelona is the Sunset Cruise. With our Barcelona cruise tours you will get on the sea before the sunset so you can enjoy some snorkelling etc and then enjoy the romantic evening. 

Santa Maria del Pi

If you want to enjoy the sunset in the city center, this option is ideal for you. Bell Tower of Santa Maria del Pi is located in the heart of Old Town and it is one of the most fascinating medieval structures in Barcelona. It hosts Spanish Guitar Concerts. So if you get on top, you will experience dusk in gothic style.